Christine Aghassi: Nearly 3 years ago our daughter Finley started at California Wiz Kids. Tomorrow will be her last day at this wonderful place where she has made good friends and learned so much. Her father and I will be forever grateful to everyone at Wiz Kids for the experience and education Finley gained there. And she will forever be a Wiz Kid kid.


Tracie Jerome Washington:  So here is another reason I love California Wiz Kids, my son was playing and I hear him say, “uno, dos, ocho.” so I say, “EJ are you counting in Spanish?” EJ, “yes.” I then ask him who’s teaching you Spanish? EJ, “Teacher Amy.” All I can say is wow and thank you.


Lila Rideau: Thank you so much California Wiz Kids for giving our children the experience of watching their caterpillars blossom into butterflies and be released in the sky to bring joy to other people who see them. I must say Sage told me he was sad to see his fly away. I almost cried. Thank you so much for all that you have given to my lil grandson Sage.


Megan Thomas:   Thank you California Wiz Kids for the great care & love you have shown our kids…from Potty Training, Learning to Read, Math, Dance and all the other life lessons that you’ve taught them. Just know that it will follow them throughout the rest of their lives and will help to shape the person they become. We will truly miss going to CWK everyday, but know that we will always stop by to say Hey. Love you and thanks for always being compassionate and understanding



Angela Lucas Martin:   Awesome school! I thank God everyday that my son is here. Teachers and staff are amazing!


Terry Slade-Tucker: My 13 year old and my 8 year old still have wonderful memories of when they were at CA Wiz Kids. It’s a wonderful feeling as a parent, when you know that you have made great choices for your children. CA Wiz Kids was definitely one of mine.

Anonymous at Yelp.com: Our son is almost 5 years old and has attended CWK since age 2.  We could not be happier with the choice to send our child here.  As two physicians, my husband and I value education and desired a location where he would mature academically and emotionally.  At the beginning we were not certain how he would adjust to the academic based program.  We worked closely with the teachers and our son soared to levels we are still impressed by today.  He has homework M-Th and actually enjoys reviewing what he learned during class time.  He is currently reading short sentences and doing addition and subtraction.  We try not to be helicopter parents and have entrusted the CWK staff to not only educate our son but provide a nurturing and loving environment.  It is not all about academics either.  The school has done a wonderful job putting together field trips for the children and providing some extracurricular activities.  It is a very well balanced school in our opinion and we feel blessed to have found CWK.



Barbara Lopez: California Wiz Kids, for me, is the best preschool in this side of L.A.
My daughter has been attending CWK for 4 years. I see her blossom in all aspects (character, social skills and academics). Her enthusiasm in learning makes me confident that I have chosen the best school for my child.
My child amazes me each day. How she can now read complex words and how logical her thinking is.
Our children spend more time in school than at home. I know that this school helped me in raising her.
Thank you Teacher Janelle, Teacher Raquel and all teachers and staff! Andrina and her family love you.