CWK Goals

To provide a program that is creative, exciting, joyful and stimulating in an environment that is multicultural, multi-generational and anti-biased

To provide guidance for children enabling them to experience and participate in satisfying and contented group interaction

To create an interest and enthusiasm in learning through experience

To treat each child as an individual

To provide children with the best possible preparation for challenges they will face beyond the preschool and kindergarten years

Policies and Procedures

Registration Forms: Each child is required to have the following completed forms on file before being admitted to school. Forms may be printed from the Enrollment Forms page on this site.

Physician’s report/immunization record

Child’s Pre-admission Health History – Parent’s Report

Identification and Emergency Information

Consent for Medical Treatment

Parent’s Rights form

Personal Rights form

Medical Insurance Waiver Form

Signed admissions agreement

Registration Fee & Deposit: A $100.00 one time, non-refundable registration fee will be charged for each child enrolled. The registration fee will hold the available spot for thirty (30) days and will expire on the thirty-first (31) day.

A deposit in the amount of two week’s tuition will be required and will be applied to the last two weeks of attendance after school administration receives a written two week notice. Refunds may be redeemed in terms of service only. No cash refunds will be considered.

Enrollment and Tuition: Students may be enrolled in the full time or the choice of part time options.

Pre-school, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten:

Full time: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Full time tuition: $900.00 per month or $225.00 per week

Part time options: 5 half days (7 a.m. to noon) or 3 full days

Part time tuition: $750.00 per month or $187.50 per week

Payment Policy:

Monthly tuition is due on the last day of the preceding month and covers the entire month. If tuition is not received by the third day of the current month, a late fee of $25.00 will become effective.

Weekly tuition is due on the Friday of the preceding week and covers the five days of the next week. If tuition is not received by the following Monday, the late fee of $10.00 will become effective.

Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. Tuition continues through illness, vacation and school closures.

A $25.00 penalty fee is charged for checks returned from the bank unpaid. Parents will be asked to make subsequent payments in cash, by money order or cashier’s check.

Decisions for enrollment and attendance should be made carefully. The policy at CWK is no refunds are considered.

Uniform and Clothing Requirements: CWK students are required to dress in uniform Monday through Thursday during the school year (September through mid-June). Every Friday is a free dress day. Uniforms are not required during summer camp months. Uniforms are optional for students in the Toddler House.

All clothing should be marked with your child’s name. Open toed shoes, thongs and beach sandals are not appropriate or safe for activities at school and will not be allowed in the classroom or on the school grounds unless there is a special activity planned that would require such attire. Parents will be informed in advance regarding this type of event. An extra set of clothing is required in case of accidents or messy projects and activities. Please label this clothing and place it in a large plastic zip lock bag.

Boy’s uniform: 1. Navy blue or khaki long or short pants 2. white, navy blue, or red shirt with a collar and long or short sleeves 3. shoes, socks, sweater or jacket of choice

Girl’s uniform: 1. Navy blue or khaki long or short pants, skirt or dress 2. white, navy blue or red shirt/blouse with a collar and long or short sleeves 3. shoes, socks, sweater or jacket of choice

All students must have, at least, one red uniform shirt for special days and off-campus excursions. Camp shirts may not be substituted for these occasions.

CWK’s Gently Worn Uniform Program provides “like new” uniform items donated by former or fast growing students may be purchased for only $2.00 per item.

Cut Off Time for Arrival: CWK opens at seven a.m. The cut off time for arrival is 10:00 a.m. for preschoolers and 9:30 a.m. for pre-k and kindergarten students and 11 a.m. for the Toddler House. At those times, we begin the academic period of our day and late arrivals are very distracting. When on time arrival is not possible due to medical or dental appointments or unavoidable circumstance, please call and arrange an excused tardy.

Late Pick-Up Fee: The school closes at 6:00 p.m. each day. It is imperative that parents pick up children before closing time. Half-day students must be picked up promptly at noon. There is a late pick up fee of $1.00 for each minute after scheduled pick up time. For evening pick-ups, payment should be made in cash directly to the staff person on duty. For half day, pick-ups payment should be dropped in the tuition mailbox labeled with student’s name.

Fees for Additional Services: Fees for special and/or optional activities or events will be announced in advance. Payment will be required prior to the activity date in order to obtain an accurate and confirmed count of children participating. Fees for these services must be made in cash or with a check separate from the tuition payment.

Rules of Discipline Setting limits is something done with the child rather than to him/her. Children will be spoken to about infractions and given ideas and options regarding a more positive means of attitude, approach and behavior. Redirection from the group for a short period of time helps children regain control over themselves and the situation. If disruptive behavior becomes a detriment to other children and/or the school program, parents will be notified and asked to attend a conference to discuss how the school and family can work together to help children modify inappropriate behavior.

Termination Policy: Either party may terminate the agreement between CWK and the parents and/or guardian of enrolled children by providing two weeks written notice.  Non-payment of fees that exceeds two weeks from the due date will result in termination of enrollment. A child may be terminated from the program for chronic misconduct and failure to conform to school policy with no prior notice. Enrollment may be terminated if parents and/or guardians engage in adverse behavior on or around school property. There will no refund of tuition or other school fees.

Sign In/Out Log: Each child must be signed in and out every day of attendance by an adult (over the age of 18.) The daily Sign In-Out Log requires a full signature at both arrival and departure times. Only individuals listed in children’s school file may be remove children from school. No exceptions. It is the parent’s responsibility to update pick-up information and all other pertinent information (home and cell phone numbers, current address, etc.) with school administration.

Front Door Policy: For the safety of the children and staff members, the front door will be locked at most times during the day.  Please ring the front door bell for admittance.

Illness: For the benefit of all children and staff, if there are signs of a communicable illness such as runny nose, fever, chronic cough, serious skin rashes or eruptions etc., children will not be allowed to attend.If any of these symptoms are detected before leaving home, please keep the child home or make alternative child care arrangements.  If a child will not attend school, please notify CWK of the absence. If the child is absent for a period of three days or more due to illness, a doctor’s excuse may be required upon return to school. If a child is sent home from school for a health reason he/she must be symptom free for twenty-four hours before returning to school.

Medication: Prescription medications cannot be given by school personnel unless original written instructions from a physician are visible on the medication container. Medication must be in the original container and placed in a zip lock baggie. Over the counter medication must also be accompanied by original written physician’s instructions.

Accidents and Emergencies CWK staff will administer first aid for minor incidental injuries (scratches, cuts, bruises, etc). The procedure consists of cleaning and covering the injury site and documenting the incident. In cases of more serious injuries, parents and, if necessary, the appropriate emergency services will be contacted immediately. Please make sure that the information on the emergency contact card is always current and accurate.

Toddler Diapers and Potty Training Parents must provide, at least, five (5) diaper changes per day. The last daily inclusive diaper check and change will be done at 5 p.m. each day. The staff will continue to observe children individually for signs of wet or soiled diapers until departure in an effort to send each child home clean and dry. CWK will assist parents in toilet training efforts. It is our goal to work in partnership with parents in order to have happy, clean and dry, diaper-free students. Training will be easier with an exchange of information about your child’s progress and habits. Toilet training efforts are most effective when they remain constant and consistent in both the home and the school environments. Please feel free to speak to staff members, at any time, regarding this matter.

Nap and Rest Time : There is a nap/rest time after lunch. Required nap supplies (Rollee Pollee) may be purchased at CWK. Nap supplies should be taken home at the end of each week for laundering.

Lunch and Snacks CWK provides a lunch program for the nominal fee of $40.00 per month. Lunch fees are due at the first of each month. Payment may be made by cash or check. This check must be separate from the tuition payment. Lunches may not be paid on a daily basis with the exception of Friday which is pizza day. Home lunches must be a container labeled with the child’s name. Sorry, due to school lunch preparation we request that home lunches not require heat ups. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by CWK.

Personal Possessions Please do not allow children to bring toys or books from home unless it is for the purpose of a “Show and Tell Day” which has been planned by CWK staff. Our staff is not responsible for the safety and preservation of toys and articles from home and, more importantly, personal playthings can cause conflict among the children. All articles of clothing should be labeled with child’s name.

Enrichment Classes Enrichment classes are an ongoing part of the CWK program. Classes are optional and payment is separate from tuition. These classes are designed to enhance the core curriculum of the school as well as promoting socialization, gross and fine motor skills and discipline in a fun filled atmosphere. Children will be allowed to enroll in age appropriate classes. Fees for these classes vary.

Holiday Celebrations In order to include, respect and create understanding for all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and customs CWK will honor many and varied holiday celebrations and traditions. We invite families to share their customs, holidays and celebrations with us. Our approach to holidays is to connect them to children’s daily lives and to learn about one another from one another. We are always open to suggestions and welcome support that may assist us in representing these special occasions with as much authenticity and accuracy as possible.

Parent Conferences Scheduled parent conferences will be held by request of parent or teacher. To keep you in touch and involved in your child’s growth, development and preschool experience, we strive to maintain a constant and caring sense of communication between CWK staff and parents.