The California Wiz Kids Preschool students range in age between two and four years old. Because very young children develop and grow at different rates, our students are assigned to classes considering the whole child…age, developmental skills, academic progress and maturity level. For these reasons, students move up through the classes based loosely on age combined with the other factors mentioned. The following describes the four preschool classes and the class goals.

Busy Bees 1 & 2 

Socialization: manners, appropriate behavior with classmates and adults, respect for authority and property

Introduction to colors, basic shapes, letter and number recognition, scissors and cutting, crayons, pencils, tracing letters and numbers, counting to 10 – 20 or beyond, recite days of the week, name recognition (self and friends)

Homework 2 – 3 times per week

Leaping Frogs 1

Hold pencil correctly and begin basic writing including first name, knowledge of last name, count to 30 or beyond, recognize and write numbers to 20 or beyond, extended shapes, recitation of alphabet without singing it, hold scissors correctly and cut paper, knowledge of the order of days of the week

Homework 3 – 4 times per week

Leaping Frogs 2

Copy words and numbers from the board, write first name and first letter of last name on demand,  count and write numbers to 30 or beyond, begin basic addition, recognition of simple two and three letter words, ability to cut in a straight line, recognize and identify days of the week

Homework 4 times per week