Parent Page

The First Day of Preschool:  Tears are natural on this occasion. A child crying, holding on to a parent’s legs, refusing to even look at the classroom is a common scene. Kids at this age thrive on familiarity so when placed into a new situation, it’s common for them to panic a little bit.

Saying goodbye to mom and dad can be difficult. It’s unusual to see the few new preschoolers that accept this day without anxiety. The key to a successful transition is the parent’s reaction to this separation.  If you have any doubt or hesitation about leaving your child, he/she will pick up on it immediately. So, on the big day, keep a bright smile on your face and stay positive. This will set a positive tone for your child and make him/her more comfortable about staying.

Crying children are not new to the CWK staff. If you take our advice, both you and your new preschooler will have an easier transition. In most cases, you will be encouraged to leave. We realize it’s a hard thing to do, but it really does work. Nine out of ten times, the child stops crying within five minutes of the parent’s departure. If we are unable to get your child to calm down, we’ll be in touch. Trust in our experience and know that we have your child’s best interest at heart.

Here are a few things you should definitely not do:

Do not remove your child from the classroom because of crying. It makes it that much harder to bring him/her back in.

Do not sneak away. Your child will learn that school is a place he/she goes to without mom or dad and saying goodbye is part of the process.

Do not ask your child if it’s OK for you to leave and don’t make promises like, “If you stay here at preschool, I’ll buy you some ice cream when I pick you up.” This will only reinforce the behavior.

If your child does well on the first day, be prepared, you aren’t out of the woods yet. Some children waltz right into preschool as happy as can be for a few days, or even weeks, when out of the blue he/she may start to cry when you leave. This too is very common. Basically the novelty of school has worn off. Rest assured…this too shall pass.