It’s Not Too Early

imagesIf your CWKid is a member of the Leaping Frog class, the opportunity to join the Early Reading Class is open to him/her. This very successful enrichment class is clearly a bargain at $100.00 per month. Eight classes are included for this monthly fee.

Reading opens the door to your child’s early academic success, imparts a love of learning and leads to higher grades in every subject. Numerous studies have shown that strong oral language skills are the basis for literacy development. When children learn to read at an early age, they have greater general knowledge, expand their vocabulary and become more fluent readers. They also have improved attention spans and better concentration. Early readers can recognize a larger number of words by sight, which enables them to learn more from and about their environment.


The We Love Animals Non-Field Trip


The STAR ECO Station is an environmental science museum, an exotic wildlife rescue center, and a haven for endangered exotic animals. It is located in Culver City, very near California Wiz Kids. So, instead of doing a field trip to visit the animals, we have planned a day when the animals will visit CWK.  Sounds exciting, right?

The exhibition will take place on Friday, July 26th at the North Campus thus enabling our Toddler House students to participate. A donation of $10.00 per student is required to participate. (Compare that to the $25.00 average for an “away from campus” field trip.)

Please make payment by Wednesday, July 24th.

The Low-Down About Field Trips

CWK field trip destinations are chosen to enhance our school program and to provide a diverse and interesting school experience for our students. In order to make the trips successful it is necessary to have total student participation. Most venues require a significant nonrefundable deposit in order to hold a date  for the trip. The chartered bus fee is the same whether there are 5 children or 55. All teachers must be present for the excursion in order to offer appropriate supervision while away from campus. Therefore, the school is closed to children not participating in the field trip. In the past year it has been necessary to cancel trips due to inadequate participation or delayed registration. This is very disappointing to children who have looked forward to the excitement of riding the bus to an unknown adventure.

Waiting for the last moment to commit will ultimately cause cancellation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

This past week was “Green Week” here at California Wiz Kids. The week’s motto was “We love our planet. We recycle.” The CWKids brought recyclable items from home during the week and fashioned them into fantastic art projects that can be seen on the CWK Facebook page. We call these masterpieces “Trashy Art.” 

The handsome specimen shown here was created by the North Campus students.

Party Time!!

The CWKids worked hard this week. It’s very evident when you see their fabulous Black History Poster Projects. (If you haven’t seen the posters, check them out on facebook.)

Their hard work will be rewarded next week with a “Party Hearty” week. On Fat Tuesday we’ll celebrate the Mardi Gras with music, masks and the traditional parade. No costumes, please. Students should wear the official Mardi Gras colors on that day…purple for justicegreen for faith and gold for power


You might think we’d be through with the party scene after the Mardi Gras shindig…but no, we’re not done yet. Thursday is Valentine’s Day. We certainly won’t let that get by us without a celebration. It’s a wear RED and bring treats for your friends day” for the CWKids. Students should bring surprise treats for their classmates. Please remember when selecting treats that they do not have to be sweet. Alternatives to candy are pencils, erasers, fruit, party favors and many other things. Just use your imagination.

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

February is a very, very busy month at California Wiz Kids. Our first field trip of the year, Valentine’s Day, and our Mardi Gras celebration will be exciting special occasions during the month.

Of course, as we do every year, we will honor February as Black History Month with the Black History Poster Project. The poster project is meant to be a family affair. Each CWKid will receive the name of a famous Black American and with parental or adult assistance, will do some simple online research for images and simple facts with which to create their poster. This project always creates some fun and interesting family time…so have at it!

Posters are due on February 4th.

Polar Bears And Penguins On Parade

January 14 to 18 is Polar Bear and Penguin Week at CWK, and our recent weather seems to be right in line with our theme.

The highlight of the week will be the Bear and Penguin Parade. In preparation for this very exciting event, all CWKids (North, South and Toddler House sites) should arrive at school with an empty shoebox, on Monday, for a surprise art project. Then on Friday (1/18) the exciting climax…the parade. Each CWKid may bring either a toy bear or penguin to march with them in the parade. Be sure to dress warmly. This promises to be a very cool event.

CWK Takes A Stand

Attention Parents

It is hard to believe and very sad to think about, but bullying can start as early as preschool…maybe even earlier. All it takes is a group of two. The most effective defenses against bullying are healthy self-esteem and confidence. CWK in affiliation with The Esteem Dream Network has decided to combat this epidemic for the students at our school so that their school experience, now and in the future, will be bully free.

You are invited to attend our special parent meeting on January 16th at 7 p.m. The special guest speaker will be Keith O’Neill, founder of the Esteem Dream Network.

Happy New Year!

2     0     1     3

Every new year presents the opportunity for new ideas, new challenges, new attitudes and fresh starts. This is California Wiz Kids’ thirteenth new year. Since the inception in 2000 the goal has been to provide a traditional preschool experience sprinkled with a good dose of nurturing, caring, fun, academia and a family feeling. CWK has reached and maintained this goal. This year as an addition to our original goal, we are resolving to institute a few new ideas that will challenge us to reach further in serving our clients and the community. A few things on our drawing board are the following:

More and better communication and interaction between teachers and parents; We will encourage parents to be more involved in special events, school beautification, parent informational meetings, parent conferences, field trips, etc.

      More community involvement; Our first community event will be the California Wiz Kids Day at the Motor Avenue Farmer’s Market this month.

Weekend enrichment classes and other non-school hours services; CWK will offer special classes such as Spanish, etiquette, dance, sports, cheerleading, arts and crafts, etc. Once per month CWK will offer Saturday child care and/or supervised play dates on campus.

A new and exciting Self-Esteem Anti Bullying program; CWK has been chosen to be one of the first schools to present the ongoing program, The Esteem Dream. The founder, Keith O’Neill will give a presentation at a CWK parent meeting to be scheduled this month.

This year promises to be one of our very best!  



Out With The Old…

It’s been a good year and, as all things do, 2012 is nearing its end. The next few weeks will be a spent preparing for our holiday celebration, which will be held on Saturday, December 22nd.  This year we will hold our very first Holiday Pancake Breakfast and Sing-Along. Parent participation is a must to insure a memorable morning. Look forward to more news about the celebration soon.

Please bring all school fees current before December 20th. This includes fees for tuition, lunch, and enrichment classes.

Winter vacation will begin on Monday, December 24th and school will reopen on Wednesday, January 2nd.