Camp California

imagesThe last day of the CWK school days session will be Friday, June 10th.
What then??, you ask.  Well after the “HOORAY, SCHOOL IS OVER FAMILY DAY PICNIC” on Saturday, June 11th, CAMP CALIFORNIA will begin on Monday, June 13th.

What is Camp California?

Camp California is FUN, FUN, FUN. No uniforms, water days, special event days, neighborhood exploration, field trip(s), enrichment classes, lots of arts and crafts, music, movie days, dancing and more and more and more. If you are a CWKid, you don’t want to miss it.

CWKids who do not attend the summer camp session, but wish to return for the fall school session in August, will be welcomed back with open arms if there is an opening at that time. For economic purposes all vacancies are filled as soon as possible.

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