CWK Novemberfest Celebrates Fall

imagesThe annual CWK NOVEMBERFEST is the school’s biggest and best Fundraiser. It’s a day packed with fun, food, music, games and prizes. There’s also an exciting raffle with lots of great stuff to win. I’m sure you can imagine how much work it will take to pull off this colossal event. The NOVEMBERFEST needs YOU to make all of the planned events happen.

Each class will be responsible to prepare and manage a game or craft booth. Get more info regarding this from teachers next week.

There will be a basket in the school lobby to collect items for our basket raffle. On Friday look for the “Pumpkin Tree” in the school lobby and pick a pumpkin. Each pumpkin will have an item written on it. Please bring your item to school by October 23rd and place it in the basket. Maybe you have an empty basket we can use. If so, we welcome that donation also.

Other welcome donations are gift cards, movie tickets, small game prizes, etc. Does anyone do face painting?

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