Show and Tell Day

show and tell

Although CWK has a No Toys From Home policy, every first Friday of the month, on Show and Tell Day the CWKids may bring a toy or other favorite object to school to share with classmates.

Show and Tell Day is the only day that a toy may be brought from home. The children will leave the toy in their cubby until Show and Tell time. The purpose of Show and Tell is to give the children the opportunity to share something special about them with their friends. It is also a time when they can practice speaking to a small group.

At Show and Tell time, the CWKids will take turns showing their items and telling their classmates about it. When done, each child will place the item on a designated display table for classmates to observe and handle after the Show and Tell exhibition. This is always a very popular and fun activity.

Check the school calendar for other activity and event information.

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