Homework…Yes or No?

CWK will be back in full swing beginning Monday, August 24. It’s back to business for teachers and students as summer comes to an end. Checking the website blog and Facebook frequently will help you keep abreast of the California Wiz Kids happenings as well as gaining helpful information and interesting tidbits about school, family and local entertainment opportunities.

You have chosen CWK for your child which means that you have selected an academic environment which includes homework. It is always the parent’s decision whether or not a  child participates in doing homework. When deciding, consider these factors.One of the benefits of having homework in preschool is that it helps reinforce what the child has learned in the classroom.  Preschool children should not have to spend more than 15 to 20 minutes on homework. Completing the assignment is less important than the effort at this age.

Another benefit of preschool homework is that it can create a special bonding routine between parent and child. The preschool experience is much more exciting and fulfilling for the child when it is shared with parents and families.

Doing homework and returning it to school promotes independence and responsibility with the bonus of being a self esteem booster.

Homework is ultimately a parental decision and CWK will respect that parental choice. If you do not want your child to receive homework, please alert his/her teacher.





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